Warcraft, a good movie after a good game

Warcraft, is an unique movie from many points of view and the fans of Blizzard games with the same name have appreciated this movie enough that helped it overcome some big records.

In the United States, the movie hasn’t necessarily made some big waves at the box office, but in China, has become a subject of enormous pride for Blizzard – the company that was directly involved in its creation. In China, this movie has even managed to beat Star Wars: The Force Awakens, another great title expected by the fans - find useful information.

At the time being, Warcraft has become the most profitable movie inspired by a video game ever created. To acquire that record, it took 377 million dollar around the globe, noting that the biggest amount came from China. On the second position was Prince of Persia, another movie released after a well-known game that has appeared on the market a few years ago. At the time, the movie based on the game developed by Ubysoft has generated 336 million dollars. You can click here for more news.

More important than the statistics is the fact that fans that saw the movie weren’t disappointed by the experience and this is a good thing for the developers taking into account the fact that most movies that have been created after other games in most cases have been a failure, so if you haven’t seen this movie yet and want to, you will have a great 3D experience - seeing this movie, you definitely get top experience.

The most fascinating thing about this movie is the fact that even though until now it has generated plenty of cash, it still needs to make more income to pass on profit since its production cost 160 million dollars. But taking into consideration the fabulous distribution effort and the marketing budgets, banners, trailers and promotional campaigns, the studio needs at least 500 million dollars to cover all these expenses and to start to make some profit.

Overall, it is pretty unlikely that Warcraft will reach that astronomical some, but that does not mean that the achievement is not impressive.

I have played the game and I need to admit that I am a pretty big fan and I also have seen the movie which from my point of view it is also a good one. So, I totally recommend the movie and also the game.

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